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Work with us!

Do you have grit, determination, know how, courage, or as we like to say MOXIE?

Do you dream about being your own boss while still being part of

a collective strong team? Or, do want the freedom to set your own value and schedule and be an employee?


Yeah, you do?

Moxie Beauty Co is the perfect spot for you.



  At Moxie our mission is that our guests leave feeling revamped + refreshed, taking with them the knowledge and skills to properly take care for their hair + scalp. We provide modern grey hair solutions, highlights, lived in color, + fabulous cuts that support their lifestyle + hair goals. We will strive to make them feel their very best by showing them their natural beauty enhancing their confidence.

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Education: As a Moxie stylist we believe in education. Educating ourselves in our skills, products, and running our businesses to reach our full potential. We educate our guests during process of reaching their hair goals, as well as the proper care of their hair and scalp with tips and tricks to achieve their desired style.

Comfort + Care: We make sure every guest feels cared for and comfortable. Comfortable in the plan we created for the day, comfortable in our space, comfortable when we wash their hair. Making sure the experience of Moxie is one that feels caring and comfortable. We are careful to not always use hair stylist language, making sure our guests truly understand.


As a Moxie stylist we are comfortable in our space, we feel supported and uplifted by the rest of our crew. We are comfortable to speak openly to have hard conversations. We care about one another and the success of each other in our careers.

Moxie: We share our moxie (pep, vigor, spunk, skill, know-how, courage) with our guests and each other.

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