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Work with us!

Do you have grit, determination, know how, courage, or as we like to say MOXIE?

Do you dream about being your own boss while still being part of

a collective strong team?


Yeah, you do?

Moxie Beauty Co is the perfect spot for you.

Our Salon

 At Moxie Beauty Co we pride ourselves at having a strong team culture. We are a blended team of rental and commission stylists.

Moxie Beauty Co has full or part time booth rental, and also offers a modern approach to stylists working a commission based position. You have the freedom to sell your own retail, create your own value, and work the hours you want.


 This role is perfect for a stylist who's experienced and has a strong client base.  

We share business ideas, strategize, and provide each other with lots of support. We have strong values and enjoy a luxury salon environment.

To find out more or apply for this position 
fill out the form below!

Perks to being a moxie stylist...

+Full support and business mentoring.

+Fabulous co-workers that support each other, and are passionate about the work they perform.

+A schedule designed by you for you working hours that suite you and your life best. Work as much or as little as you like.

+Contact information and menu displayed on our salon website for new guests to find you organically.

+Be featured/ promoted on our Moxie Beauty Co Instagram.

+Commission stylists- sell your own products with affiliate links!

+Create your own value and set your own prices.

+Ability to carry whatever products and color lines you desire. (rental only)

+Supply storage and retail display. (rental only)

Tell us about yourself:

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