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+Below are the current stylist client agreements for Moxie Beauty Co employees and Brittany (Moxie owner). Independent contractors who are run their own businesses inside Moxie Beauty Co may have separate agreements.

Service Fixes

We strive to offer guests the highest level of satisfaction. If you’re not thrilled with your cut or color, let us know within 7 days of your visit. If after reviewing the consultation form, we can see that we missed the mark in the execution of your services, we are happy to correct the issue at no additional charge with in 10 days or original appointment.

If you are simply looking for a different result that what was agreed upon during the consultation, I am happy to quote you a refinement rate, which will allow us to shift your look based on your new goals. 

Refunds will not be issued. 


Color services are only guaranteed if you use professional lines of shampoo and conditioner. 


Retail Returns and Exchanges

If you’re unsatisfied with a retail purchase made from Moxie Beauty Co, store credit (to be used for retail purchases only) will be granted if you return it within 14 days of your purchase.



In order to continue providing the best possible scheduling options to my guests, I require 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment with me with out fee. Should you need to reschedule your appointment with less than 24 but more than 12 hours notice, a $25 per service cancellation fee applies and will be due before a new appointment can be scheduled. A cancellation with less than 12 hours notice will result in 50% of service value. A no show appointment would result in full payment of missed appointment before rescheduling a future appointment. 


Late Arrival

I do my best to accommodate a late arrival, however if your are more than 15 minutes late you will be marked and charged as a no show appointment. 


Photo Release

I understand that my stylist may take before and after photos of my hair, face, likeness. I give my permission for said photos to be shared digitally or in printed form.

Hair History Falsification Agreement

I agree to be fully honest and transparent with my stylist as we talk about my hair history. I understand that anything I have done to my hair previously and anything I may choose to in the future will affect the results of services received at the salon. I understand that falsification of hair history will result in an undesirable outcome. Including but not limited to: 

+Hair breakage

+Uneven color

+Undesirable color

+Irreparable damage

+Hair loss

Should any of the above occur and it is determined that I have falsified hair history, I will not be entitled to any reparative services, treatments, or refunds.

Child Safety Policy 

I welcome children under the age of 16 in the salon only when they are receiving a service themselves. Children may not accompany a parent to any appointment unless they too are booked for a service the same length in time with a another stylist. Salons can be dangerous who can fall, cut themselves, or be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

We also pride ourselves on creating a relaxing experience for all guests, and children can cause a distraction for both the stylists and the other guests in the salon. 

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