Our studio is made up of stylists who exuberate moxie. We have grit, determination, spunk, courageous spirt, and know-how. Each member of our team schedules appointments differently. Some are independent stylist running their own businesses out of Moxie Beauty Co, some are employees of Moxie Beauty Co.  Keep reading below to find out HOW TO SCHEDULE!

Hi There, we're so glad you found us!


How do I book an appointment?

Click here to be sent to our "Schedule an Appointment" page where you'll find links to our Instagram pages (See which Moxie stylist fits your vibe!), how to request appointments with our individual stylists, and waitlist info.

What's an appointment feel like?

When you arrive to Moxie Beauty Co for your appointment, prepare to be pampered. After you park, please call or text your stylist to announce your arrival. We will let you know when you can head towards our door and we will open it for you. 

Once you get comfortable, I'll offer you a snack or beverage. I will ask you what you like and dislike about your hair, what you’d like to change about your color, and other questions that will allow me to best serve you. I'll go through an analysis of your hair and scalp. Feel free to pull up some photos to show me some styles and colors you’re loving. 

Once we are on the same page, I'll get to work. At the shampoo bowl, I'll offer you a warm essential oil infused towel for your hands or around your neck. While I make hair magic, you can relax—scroll through Instagram, fire off some work emails, or catch me up on your life. I love to hear your stories, and I'll never tell! If you'd like to sit in quiet, ask for a "quiet appointment" and we can skip the chit chat. After all, this is your appointment. When I reach for products, I’ll explain what they do, why they work for your hair, and how you can purchase, if you're interested. There's never any pressure to buy! As I style, I’ll also offer knowledge to achieve your salon-fresh style at home.

As your appointment comes to an end, I'll will ask you if you love your hair. Be honest—this is all about you! Plus, it’s typically easier to fix or adjust your hair that day rather than a few days later. Once you book your next appointment, you and your fabulous hair will be good to go! 

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