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How to Upkeep Your Hair While Physically Distancing

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

A woman sits with one leg bent, adorning a brightly-colored headband

I don't think we ever thought we’d find ourselves in this position, but here we are: salons are closed. It was an unprecedented move that none of us could have expected just a few short weeks ago.

Why is this happening?

Thanks to COVID-19, all “non-essential” businesses in Massachusetts were ordered to be closed until at least May 4th. The closures were enacted in order to protect public health, and it was definitely the right call considering the state has 7,738 confirmed cases (and the number continues to climb).

So, aside from all of the other challenges and anxieties this pandemic brings—how can you deal with your brassy blonde, split ends, grown out bangs, and emerging grays? How on Earth can we prevent ourselves from emerging from our houses for the first time looking like absolute gremlins? Read on!

A meme with four images of women with roots, overgrown brows, sparse lashes, and ratchet nails

Show your grow(-out)

One of our favorite movements on social media right now: clients showing their support for their stylist by showing their roots! Hey, the natural look is in. If that’s not your style (who do you have to impress right now, though?!) Try switching up your part or using camouflaging products. If you have to color your hair, hey, we get it! Do whatever makes you feel good right now. But whatever you do, don’t color your hair with box color from the drugstore!

Instead, go professional at home. These dpHUE re-touch kits are Brittany's jam. They were co-created by celebrity colorist Justin Anderson. Designed for quick touch-ups between salon visits, each kit comes with two mini applications, enough for two hairline/part-line applications! You can watch Brittany unbox one on Instagram.

Are your highlights faded and in need of a refresh? Brittany recommends one of dpHUE glosses. A high-shine, deep-conditioning treatment mixed with the slightest color pigment to refresh, update, and mend your hair!

If you haven’t used camouflaging products before, it’s essentially makeup for your hair that washes away with shampoo. Brittany loves dpHUE Grey Spray it's a great option for those not wanting to color. It has a lightweight, quick-drying formula we love. You can shop for it in a variety of shades right through her website!

Don’t get (too) dirty

Everyone, even those with colored hair, should clarify their hair. Just make sure you’re using a high-quality clarifying shampoo; otherwise, you might as well be using dish soap on your hair (and we all know how that makes our hands feel). One of our favorites is Verb Reset. Brittany especially loves it because it’s pH balanced, which means it won't swell your hair cuticle or strip your natural oils—it only removes foreign matter from your hair. It’s safe to use weekly; just don’t use it as frequently as your normal shampoo.

Brittany’s favorite shampoo of all time (and currently what’s in her shower alongside her New Wash), Neuma Renu, maximizes color and boosts color longevity while protecting your hair from UVA & UVB oxidation. It leaves hair feeling fresh and clean—but not squeaky—by removing build-up, minerals, and other environmental pollutants. It also has peppermint in it so it’s a little cool and tingly on your scalp. Mmm, minty fresh!

Split with split ends

Treat yourself to a hair mask treatment at home! For blondes who need to eliminate warmth and brassy tones, the brand new Verb Purple Mask does just that. To boot, it's enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin B5 to protect fragile ends and add mega shine and softness.

Fine hair craves protein even more than your favorite gym rat, so if your strands are limp and weak, look for products that contain hydrolyzed proteins. Specific proteins to look for include:

  • Amino acids

  • Casein

  • Collagen

  • Keratin

  • Milk protein

  • Panthenol

  • Rice, soy, or wheat protein

Worried about heavy products weighing your thin hair down? The right mask can actually give fine hair a boost! Packed with quinoa protein, Argan seed oil, and green tea extract, Verb’s Reset Mask is Brittany’s go-to.

While it might be tempting to forego shampooing longer than usual—especially if you have dry, damaged hair—you’ll still want to wash away buildup of dirt, oil, and all that other yummy stuff. New Wash is a conditioning cleanser. Did you know you don’t actually need bubbles to clean your hair? The ingredients in New Wash attract oily stuff, but unlike detergent, they have a weak attraction to water. As a result, when you rinse away New Wash, firmly attached oils (the good stuff!) stay put, and the molecules carrying loosely attached oils get swept away. Honestly, this product has been life changing for our stylists and their clients alike! Want to see for yourself? Shop Hairstory with Brittany now!

(Disclaimer: Brittany does make a commission on Hairstory products.) All other products can be purchased online, and Verb and Neuma products are available for purchase at Le Petit Salon (once we’re back, that is!).

Bang bangs(s)

Bangs getting unruly without regular trims? Don’t reach for those scissors just yet. Try incorporating a volumizing product while your hair is wet, then parting your bangs in such a way that provides the most visibility and comfort. This practice can “train” them to stay out of the way and out of your eyes. Good girl!

On a day you’re not shampooing, spritz your bangs with dry shampoo to help add texture and lift them up off your forehead. You can also try letting your bangs air-dry and lay in their natural texture (unless you have pin-straight locks, in which case they may just get glued to your face!) If all else fails, throw on a cute headband or bandana...or try twisting your bangs and pinning them off to the side! Embellished barrettes are still in—you’ll be the belle of your Zoom call (or selfie)!

We’ll get through this

Of course, we’re all worried about a lot more than just our hair—but taking care of ourselves instills in us a sense of routine, calm, and normalcy, and that’s something we can all get behind right now.

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to Brittany! We’ll get through this together.

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